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When we are not working on your marketing success we love to talk about it to everyone that want to listen. We like sharing our knowledge, experience and ideas, and getting some good PR at the same time!

Through the years both out co-founders at first attended and than also spoke at not only number of industry conferences including BrightonSEO, Women in Tech SEO, Search London, YMS London or the Retail Bulletin but also shared their marketing knowledge with students at Middlesex University and Coventry University as guest lecturers.

Our next Appearance is Paid Social Show by Brighton SEO

Upcoming Events

EventDateTitleSpeakerType of Event
Paid Social Show by BrightonSEO05/04/2023Boosting your YouTube channel performance with Social AdsFilip JanczakConference


Izabela is a brilliant speaker who always shares her knowledge and experience passionately with the industry. Over the past year, she delivered two technical SEO talks to the Women in Tech SEO community that were received with positive feedback from attendees. I highly recommend Izabela to all event organisers, she's a talented addition to your speaker line-up.

Past Speaking Engagements

EventType of EventDateTitle of the talkSpeaker
FestiwalSEO KatowiceConferenceOctober 2022Praca z klientem SEO w Wielkiej Brytanii ( Working with SEO Clients in UK)Izabela Wisniewska
FestiwalSEO KatowiceConferenceOctober 2022Jak affiliowac w ecommerce z sukcesami ( How to do affiliate marketing successfully in ecommerce)Filip Janczak
BrightonSEO Spring 2022ConferenceOctober 2022EAT is not SEOIzabela Wisniewska
Paid Social Show by BrightonSEOConferenceOctober 2022Can Social Ads help with SEO Ranking?Filip Janczak
TRBVirtual ConferenceJune 2022Panel Discussion on Digital Marketing in 2022Filip Janczak
BristolSEOMeet-UpMay 2022Winning in Search with Content Led ApproachIzabela Wisniewska
Paid Social Show by BrightonSEOConferenceApril 2022Testing social ads formats - imagery vs videoFilip Janczak
BrightonSEO Spring 2022ConferenceApril 2022Running a business around a 2 year old - lessons learned from mum/business owner lifeIzabela Wisniewska
SearchOxfordMeet-UpMarch 2022Most common Ecommerce mistakes that are killing your page speedIzabela Wisniewska
Majestic: Crawling for SEOWebinairNovember 2021Izabela Wisniewska
State of Search 2021Virtual ConferenceNovember 2021Where does SEO Stop and DigitalPR Start?Izabela Wisniewska
BrightonSEO Autumn 2021ConferenceSeptember 2021Link building vs Link EarningIzabela Wisniewska
Paid Social Show by BrightonSEOConferenceSeptember 2021Using Social Ads for international expansionFilip Janczak
SEO Mastery Summit 2021Virtual ConferenceSeptember 2021SEO Technical Auditing - How to go about itIzabela Wisniewska
TurnDigi September 2021Virtual ConferenceSeptember 2021How to Link Digital PR and Link Building to Create perfect Off-page SEO StrategyIzabela Wisniewska
BrightonSEO July 2021Virtual ConferenceJuly 2021How JavaScript is preventing you from passing Core Web Vitals ?Izabela Wisniewska
Sitebulb Workshop: Technical SEO Auditing WorkshopMay 2021Technical SEO Auditing WorkshopIzabela Wisniewska
SEMKRK#16Virtual ConferenceMarch 2021Izabela Wisniewska
SearchLDN Virtual meetupJanuary 2021"Shopify SEO - Practical Tips to Optimise Your eCommerce Site"Izabela Wisniewska
WTS WorkshopWorkshopNovember 2020Technical SEO AuditingIzabela Wisniewska
FestiwalSEO KatowiceVirtual ConferenceOctober 2020Differences between link building and digital PRIzabela Wisniewska
Mega Webinair Semrush Polish EditionWebinairSeptember 2020Keyword Research dla klienta zagranicznegoIzabela Wisniewska
WTSVirtualVirtual meetupJuly 2020SEO for ShopifyIzabela Wisniewska
BrightonSEO 2020Virtual ConferenceSeptember 2020Shopify SEO LimitationsIzabela Wisniewska
Marketers Content Playbook by Hollywood BrandedVirtual ConferenceAugust 2020How To Create Your Brand’s Blogging StrategyIzabela Wisniewska
BrightonSEO 2018ConferenceSeptember 201813 Ways to build links without big budgetsIzabela Wisniewska

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