Social media marketing

Are you using social media marketing to the fullest?

Social media platforms are a base for almost any business or individual and its important to build your audience, to raise your brand awareness which can help with increase in traffic that will results in sales. Social media marketing involves publishing amazingly interesting content, listening and engaging with your followers, analysing your results with insights, and producing social media advertisements. Creatos Media is experienced with running international social media marketing campaigns, with insights and reporting that will help you get the most out of your ads.

Social Media Strategy

The main social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and there are few others floating.

There are few question which you need to answer before implementing social media marketing campaigns:

  • What are you eager to accomplish through your social media marketing?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where do your audience interacts the most and how does your audience use social media?
  • What is your main message which you want to express with social media marketing?
We at Creatos Media can help you answer those questions and build your social network and social media advertisements with strategy tailored just for your business.

Social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing strategy would be our first step with you and your business. It’s important to step back and look at your business goals and what would you like to achieve with social media channels. Keep in mind that not every social channel may be right to your business, we would strongly suggest focussing on main channels broadly known. After we are settled, we could look into smaller and upcoming platforms, such as Tumblr or Tik Tok and social messaging platforms, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Have you heard term content is a king? As vague it sounds there is no denying that content is main element of growing successful organic social traffic and building your brand profile. Social media is saturated with brands, businesses and influencer to beat your competition and punch through the noise you need strong content from images, messages to videos and interactive campaigns.

Business social media marketing

Business social media marketing begins with consistent presence on your chosen social platforms. Publishing on social media is very simple as sharing a blog post, an image, or a video on a social media platform. It’s just like how you would share on your personal Instagram, Facebook or Twitter profile. It’s important to plan in frequent posts at the right time for your audience. There are many various tools to schedule your posts however we would advise you to use social channels directly with their own scheduling capabilities. Creatos Media have found out that use of social media platforms directly tend to reach more people.

Listening to your audience

Listening and engaging with your audience is very significant to successful social media marketing for your business. Your business profile and following base will grow, with every growth the conversations about your brand will also increase. Followers will comment on your social media posts, tag you in their social media posts, or message you directly. It’s important to not ignore engaging people as we should use it to our advantage in reaching our goals. You will want to monitor social media conversations about your business and brand. If it’s a positive comment, you get a chance to engage and build relationships with followers. Otherwise, you can offer support and correct a situation before it gets worse.

Insights and analytics

Insights and analytics can answer questions such as, how your social media marketing is performing. Are you reaching more people on social media? How many people used your brand hashtag on their social media, is your campaign performing well? Social media platforms offer insights and analytics to businesses. It’s advisable to use the data provided as this will help your brand and business to reach desired goals. Creatos Media can teach you and your team how to interpret data from social media platforms and how to action all the learnings. We think it’s great for you and your business to understand how social media marketing works and what can we do to improve our social channels.


Advertising is a great opportunity to expand your social media marketing. Social media ads allow you to reach a wider audience than those who are following your profile. Well driven and optimised ads can grow your business significantly. Social media advertisement can reach your goals much easier than organic social media campaigns. With specific targeting, looklike audience and A/B testing social media adverting  is a key for many businesses both small and large. You can create target audiences based on their demographics, interests, behaviours that would convert with small and huge budgets depending on your business. Creatos Media has run international campaigns with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat platform contacts, teaching us how to get most out of the ads. Apart from that we are up to date with any algorithm changes which standard users may not aware of. Social media marketing gets much easier with well lead content and strong advertising presence.

How we can help you

Creatos Media can help with social media marketing whether you are small or large business. We can help brands, businesses, influencers, bloggers and individuals. Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you out.