As we bid adieu to 2023, it’s hard to believe how swiftly the year has flown by. It seems like only yesterday we were wrapping up 2022. This year has been a rollercoaster – a blend of highs and lows, packed with excitement, challenges, and a whole lot of learning. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and relive the remarkable moments of 2023 at Creatos Media.

January: Warming Hearts with WOSP Charity Event

The year began on a high note with our sponsorship of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity event in Birmingham. Our involvement in this heartwarming cause to fight sepsis was a testament to our commitment to making a difference beyond the business world.

January at Creatos Media: Izzy and Filip stand proudly at their sponsorship booth during the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity event in Birmingham, showcasing their commitment to social causes and community involvement.

February: A Month of Change

February was a time of significant change. We said goodbye to an iGaming client, which was a learning experience in itself. However, the month was also marked by the excitement of acquiring new clients following the ICE London conference. Additionally, the launch of a gaming affiliate website marked a new venture for us.

March: Networking and Learning

Our visit to the PPC event in Manchester was a fruitful experience, with Filip networking with top industry experts. Izzy’s participation in the Advanced Technical SEO training was another step in our commitment to staying ahead in the industry. Celebrating Filip’s 30th birthday added a personal touch to the month.

April: The BrightonSEO Spotlight

April was a standout month with Filip’s presentation at BrightonSEO, discussing the impact of social ads on ranking. This event allowed us to not only share our insights but also learn from peers, all while enjoying the scenic beauty of the seaside.

April at BrightonSEO: Filip was presenting on stage at the Paid Social Show, sharing valuable insights with an attentive audience. Post-presentation, Izzy joins him on stage for a celebratory photo, capturing a moment of professional achievement and teamwork.

May: 'Dog-walk and Talk' Series

We introduced our ‘Dog-walk and Talk’ TikTok series, combining marketing insights with walks with our dogs, Rambo and Rocky. Though it took a backseat, reviving it is on our New Year’s agenda. Filip also attended IRX, expanding our network and knowledge.

June: Expanding Horizons

June was marked by Filip’s attendance at FUTREurope, focusing on retail and marketing trends. We also celebrated the completion of our new home office, creating a space that reflects our brand and inspires creativity.

July: Celebratory and Insightful

July was a month of celebrations with significant birthdays in the team – Izzy’s big 30th and Kacper’s 4th. Filip’s participation in a podcast discussing holistic digital marketing strategies underscored our commitment to diverse marketing approaches.

August: Preparing for the Big Sales

This month was all about strategic planning, preparing our e-commerce clients for the critical Black Friday and Christmas sales periods, ensuring they were well-positioned to maximize their market impact.

September: BrightonSEO and Partnerships

September was another eventful month with our return to BrightonSEO. Izzy’s talk on JavaScript and SEO was a highlight, showcasing our technical prowess. Our collaboration with Middlesex University started, opening new avenues for knowledge sharing.

October: Milestones and Collaborations

October in New York: Izzy stands in the bustling heart of Manhattan, New York City, with towering skyscrapers and the vibrant cityscape around her, capturing a moment of exploration and inspiration during Creatos Media's business trip.

October was a month of milestones with Creatos Media turning five and our collaboration with Action for Children. Our US trip marked a significant step in our global expansion, providing us with new perspectives and opportunities.

November: Texas Adventures and New Learnings

November was a standout month for us at Creatos Media. Our journey took us to the State of Search conference in Texas, where Izzy had the opportunity to present a talk titled “EEAT is not SEO.” This event was our first live experience at State of Search, and it was nothing short of phenomenal. We learned immensely, met incredible people, and we’re sure we’ve made some lifelong friends! Adding to the excitement, Filip embraced the local culture by purchasing his first cowboy hat.

A highlight of the month was Izzy being featured in the book “SEO in 2024.” This is a proud moment for us, as it acknowledges Izzy’s expertise and contributions to the ever-evolving field of SEO. Her insights and knowledge shared in the book reflect the cutting-edge strategies we employ at Creatos Media.

November at State of Search, Texas: Izzy and Filip are pictured at the State of Search conference in Texas, exemplifying their engagement and active participation in the industry event, with the vibrant conference atmosphere and branding in the background.

December: Quiet Reflection and Planning

December was quieter, focusing on office work and onboarding new clients. The planning of our New Year’s resolutions list was an exercise in setting goals and vision for the future. We also enjoyed the festive spirit with Christmas parties.

Reflecting on 2023, it’s evident that each month brought its own set of unique challenges and achievements. We are grateful for all the experiences, learnings, and new connections. A heartfelt thanks to all our clients for your trust and collaboration.

From the entire Creatos Media Team, we wish you a fantastic New Year! Here’s to an even more successful 2024!