In 2015, I, Filip Janczak, embarked on an exhilarating journey with Bluebella, a lingerie powerhouse, a brand renowned for its unique designs and empowering philosophy. Little did I know then how profoundly this journey would shape my career, understanding of the fashion industry, and personal growth.

I started as an e-commerce assistant, my days filled with digital marketing tasks, website maintenance, and the excitement of new product launches. The pace was exhilarating, and the learning curve steep, but I thrived in the dynamic environment, absorbing everything I could about the complexities of e-commerce in the fashion sector.

Filip and Bluebella team celebrating successful year of growth.

My role evolved as Bluebella expanded to the United States, Australia, and various parts of Europe. My focus sharpened towards core areas such as SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Analytics, Reporting & Forecasting, Social Media, Social Media Advertising, and Digital Marketing Strategy execution. These responsibilities were like puzzle pieces, fitting together to form a comprehensive picture of digital marketing in the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry.

With each challenge, my skills expanded, my understanding deepened, and my passion for my work grew. My role as a Marketing Manager offered me a chance to train and mentor the digital marketing team, which was rewarding and humbling. I also had the pleasure of working closely with several SEO, PPC, and Social Media agencies, further honing my skills in managing and collaborating with external partners.

One of the milestones of my time at Bluebella was the successful execution of a crowdfunding campaign that raised nearly a million pounds. This was a testament to our team’s hard work, commitment, and innovative marketing strategies. It marked a significant stepping stone in Bluebella’s growth and international expansion.

Filip recieving ecommerce award for Bluebella Lingerie company in eCommerce and digital marketing for great results and performance of campaigns.

Under my stewardship, our efforts were recognised on several occasions. Bluebella bagged awards for Best Womenswear & Accessories at the ECMOD (Direct Commerce) award in 2018, Best Social Media Campaign at the Ecommerce Awards 2018, and Best Cross Border Marketing Campaign and Best Social Media Campaign at the Ecommerce Awards 2019. These accolades validated our hard work and underscored the critical importance of a strong digital presence in the current marketplace.

While I was working at Bluebella, I co-founded Creatos Media in 2018. Juggling responsibilities at Bluebella and nurturing my budding agency was a herculean task but one I embraced with fervour. However, as both Bluebella and Creatos Media grew, I found myself spread too thin. As difficult as it was, I understood that I had to choose to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The decision to leave Bluebella after seven transformative years took work. It was akin to parting ways with family. The team, the work, and especially the inspiring founder, Emily Bendell, had all become integral to my life. But I also knew that Creatos Media needed my full attention to continue its growth trajectory.

Leaving Bluebella was like stepping off a thrilling rollercoaster ride that I’d grown to love. But as the ride ended, I found my pockets filled with priceless experiences, lessons, and memories that would guide me in my next adventure. The skills I acquired at Bluebella became my compass, steering me through the challenging terrain of the fashion industry, helping me decipher the complex language of digital marketing, and above all, teaching me to captain a vibrant team.

Reflecting on my journey with Bluebella, I feel a deep sense of gratitude. It was more than a job; it was a crucible of personal and professional growth. It was where I learned to step out of the shadows of comfort and challenge myself, where I grappled with the fast-paced mechanics of the industry, and where I built enduring relationships. It was a place where I could inspire and be inspired by a powerhouse team, contributing to a brand that was as empowering as it was fashionable.

Filip's last day in Bluebella office as employee. After 7 years of great growth and fun.

When I chose to leave Bluebella to devote myself to Creatos Media, I was keenly aware of the weight of responsibility resting on my shoulders. The lessons I had painstakingly gathered at Bluebella became my guiding stars, lighting up the path as I took the helm at Creatos Media. I carried with me the same fiery enthusiasm, unyielding commitment, and insatiable thirst for innovation that had fueled my journey at Bluebella.

The road has not been a smooth one, but each bump and twist has been an invitation to grow. Each obstacle, a teacher; each setback, a springboard to bounce back stronger. The elusive work-life balance that once seemed like a distant dream is now a reality I navigate daily. It’s a delicate dance, one that I’ve mastered through careful prioritization and mindful time management.

Bluebella taught me that in the fashion industry, innovation isn’t just a catchy term; it’s the lifeblood of survival. It’s about staying a step ahead of trends, comprehending consumer behavior, and continually evolving to meet the shifting sands of demand. In Creatos Media, we imbibe these principles in our DNA, weaving creativity and effectiveness into strategies for our clients.

In conclusion, my seven-year journey with Bluebella was an incredible chapter of my life. It was a period of intense growth, unforgettable experiences, and lasting relationships. It prepared me for the next chapter – running and growing Creatos Media. The journey continues, and with every new day, I am reminded of my time at Bluebella. The lessons learned the skills developed, and the memories created there continue to guide me as I navigate the exciting world of fashion and digital marketing. Looking ahead, I am excited about the possibilities and challenges that lie in store. With the same zest and fervour that I had at the beginning of my journey with Bluebella, I am now dedicated to Creatos Media’s growth and success. It’s a new chapter and challenge, but the spirit remains the same. Here’s to the next exciting chapter in the journey!