I’ve been really excited to write this post for quite a while, simply because I am incredibly proud of how far we came both since we established Creatos Media and from the start of 2020. Lately, I have seen lots of comments about how simply getting through 2020 is enough of an achievement, which made me think I shouldn’t share this post, because it might be inappropriate given the circumstances.

But you know what? It’s not inappropriate. If you have been working super hard and you have seen success even during hard times, you are allowed to share it. In fact, you should share it, maybe sharing it will motivate or inspire someone?

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So here goes. We are very grateful right now, because we have achieved so much.

When Creatos Media first started I was pregnant, so we have been building this agency with a new-born, and now toddler, running round the home office 🙂 and we are succeeding!

1) In 2020 I have showcased Creatos Media in front of a wide crowd numerous times

I have spoken at:

  • Women in Tech SEO virtual meet-up about SEO for Shopify
  • Brighton SEO Virtual about Shopify SEO Limitations
  • Hollywood Branded virtual conference regarding the importance of a brands blogging strategy
  • FestiwalSEO Katowice (polish conference) about differences between digital PR and Link building
  • Semrush on International Keyword Research
  • Women in Tech SEO Workshop on Technical Audit
  • Salt Agency Christmas Series on a blogging strategy for a festive season

I have been in the industry for years now, however,  I am a perfectionist and in my eyes I wasn’t quite good enough to share my knowledge – that’s why I am so proud about these speaking achievements.

Some flashbacks:

Women In Tech SEO Virtual Workshop
Hollywood Branded Marketer’s Content Playbook
BrightonSEO 2020

2) I was a mentor on the Women in Tech SEO mentorship for women programme

This was an amazing initiative to help women who would like to get into SEO or learn more. There were over 200   female participants I believe and I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to take part. You can read more about it here.

3) Our co-founder Filip started teaching at Middlesex University

We absolutely love this achievement. Filip is an amazing marketeer with experience both in-house and on the agency side, and we strongly believe that his experience and knowledge will be extremely valuable for these students who will soon be entering the workforce.

4) Numbers went up

We have focused on ourselves this year, on getting our name out there, on brand awareness, showing our trustworthiness – and it really paid off. Our lead conversion rates increased massively, so if you ever think it is not worth spending time working on your own marketing – don’t!

5) We have exciting stuff planned for 2021 already!

We have so many exciting plans for this year – and we are starting very early! For one, now both Izzy and Filip have officially been teaching at universities (yes plural!), Izzy has already spoken at Search London’s first event of the year where she shared tips for optimising websites built on shopify, and there are many more exciting ideas in the pipeline – so watch this space!

Still, times are difficult and we have all had to adjust – so if you took your time adjusting, but you still got through 2020 – we are super proud of you, and you should be as well.