Business Card


We have finally made it Creatos Media business cards!
Business cards are an element of every business and profession. They come in handy when networking with people as they might be your potential customers or partners. Just including company name in a talk is not enough we need to leave something after a good talk so people can recall the discussion, elevator pitch or a quick chat.
What is important in creation of your own business card ?
Depending on whether you use online service or local printing shop we need to design our business card, there are plenty of templates available out there. When designing our business card we need to keep to our idea and alignments depending on the company type as this can vary between formal and creative designs. The most important aspect of business card is to keep our style, font, logo and colours the same as our website, email, leaflets, social media channels and any other online and offline presence we create. Those elements are important in building our image as a company or professional, your customers, online users (audience) and potential partners will associate your pattern if is the same through out our online and offline presence.
Creatos Media can help you out with business card designs just contact us by email: , website: or phone.
QR Code

QR codes can be used in various real time (offline) spaces such as leaflets, posters and business cards. Sometimes people can not be bothered to type into a browser your website or social media channel. The easier option is to scan a QR code. I have included one on Creatos Media business cards. After networking with someone we can give our business card and ask person to scan QR code to visit our website. It is quick and simple. In today world everyone is in the hurry and quick solutions are the key to successful business.
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