For start-up business creating website from scratch can be costly and time consuming. However depending on what you need we can use services like, MadeSimple or shopify to rocket start your website business. Online presence is important but your first step will be always your own home website which can be promoted with other social sites.
Today I have decided to look into a costs of e-shop/eCommerce services offered by Wix, MadeSimple and Shopify and compare them to each other in their monthly charges and their transaction methods which would work best with you and your business:
Option 1:
The prices without season offers:
eCommerce or e-shop: £10.10 p/m
Unlimited: £7.76 p/m
Combo: £8.06 p/m
Basic with wix brand ads on your website: £2.55 p/m
Transaction Services with Wix:
No monthly fee
3.4{2185edb563906a1795db086fbc934838428d7a8db4455b4cf0d8bb9c1487e04d} + 20p per transaction.
Monthly fee £20
2.9{2185edb563906a1795db086fbc934838428d7a8db4455b4cf0d8bb9c1487e04d} per transaction + £0.20
£19 monthly fee + £0.10 per transaction
Option 2:

Transaction Services with MadeSimple:
No monthly fee
3.4{2185edb563906a1795db086fbc934838428d7a8db4455b4cf0d8bb9c1487e04d} + 20p per transaction.
No monthly fees
2.4{2185edb563906a1795db086fbc934838428d7a8db4455b4cf0d8bb9c1487e04d} + 20p per successful transaction
Option 3:
Prices in £ at 31/03/2015:
Starter plan: £9.42 p/m
Basic: £ 19.53 p/m
Professional: £53.21 p/m
Unlimited: £120.55 p/m
No transaction services need to be set up as Shopify integrates their services including transaction service of which they take 2.4-1.8{2185edb563906a1795db086fbc934838428d7a8db4455b4cf0d8bb9c1487e04d} + 20p charge.
We can help you out with choosing the right service for you.
You do not have to spend all your money on website design check out Creatos Media and how we can help you out.
Creatos Media
We can offer website or e-shop design with any of the above services it is quick and simple, compared to creating website from scratch which costs around £600+ and in addition to any graphic works and hosting charges which in those 3 options are shown above. Our price can be negotiated depending on your need we can also include other services such as setting up and maintaining your social medium sites. We can design logo, banner, leaflet and your business card, with Creatos Media you can set up your business in no time with our full support which is chosen by you in how many aspects you want our involvement to be. There are no limitations when creating or reworking your business online presence with us you can do it fast with affordable, competivie pricing. Visit our website or send us email to
We are here to help you and your business if you have any questions contact us we are happy to help.
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