We have few updates this September about business, SEO, digital marketing, youth marketing, COVID-19 impacts and Wikipedia page. Starting with our very own co-founder presenting virtually at Brighton SEO 2020. We outline the importance of Wikipedia page. Covid-19 is impacting all parts of life, youth marketing industry has taken a huge turn for Gen Z. Rakuten has produced report for 2020 back to school shopping season which is underway for all students. Also we have found great interview with Mailchimp founder.

Shopify platform SEO limitations and best ways to overcome them

Izabela Wisniewska - Brighton SEO - Creatos Media
Image source: BrightonSEO

Come and listen to Izzy our co-founder talk at #BrightonSEO ! The world’s largest search marketing conference is going virtual this year so it’s accessible to everyone wherever you are ! Take this chance and listen to so many great talks !

“While working on SEO for websites using Shopify – which works great from a purely e-commerce perspective – I had to face SEO limitations from the platform side. This talk will give you ideas and talk about ways to overcome those limitations or work with them and still win in SEO.”

Link to Brighton SEO 2020 – https://2020.brightonseo.com/speakers/izabela-wisniewska/

Creating Wikipedia page how and why?

Wikipedia by Ahrefs
Image source: ahrefs

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopaedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikipedia site is not only highly ranked, but it has extremely high number of visits. You can see the screen shoot showing how popular the site really is. Those are only 2 examples of why its worth having your business on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia ranking Similarweb
Data source: Similarweb

Apart from Wikipedia been recognisable website, it is habitually one of the first pages a person clicks on if they want to learn more about what your business does. If you want to increase brand awareness and visibility online we have found source from Ahrefs about page creation and Wikipedia instructions.

Link to Ahrefs article here and to instructions from Wikipedia here.

Why the youth marketing industry will never be the same after COVID-19?

Youth marketing
Image source: Voxburner

Voxburner points out in their blog, the youth and student marketing industry has been upended by the pandemic, from the way we work with our colleagues and clients, to how we cater to youth, the Gen Z audience.

The main points covered by the author:

  • Consumer priorities will change
  • Ecommerce will be essential
  • Work life will be transformed

Those are very valid points which we already know, but how those will impact youth marketing?

“For Gen Z in particular, we may see them valuing in-person socialising more, since they have been deprived of this during lockdown. Education and work experience is likely to be even more high priority than it was already for Gen Z, as skills and knowledge will give them an edge in a competitive job market.”

Read more in the Voxburner article here.

Gearing Up for an Omnichannel School Year

Rakuten Advertising - Back to School Report
Source: Rakuten Advertising Report

The 2020 back to school shopping season is underway, and Rakuten has surveyed 800 parents to find out what they’re shopping for and how much they are planning to spend this year.

For thousands of students and families across the U.S., going back to school in September will be unlike any academic year they have seen. After students of all ages spent the latter part of the 2019-2020 school year in virtual classrooms due to the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide quarantine, districts and universities are working rapidly to develop new protocols that will allow their students to safely return to in-school learning this Fall.

Rakuten Advertising wanted to learn more about how families across the country are feeling about the upcoming school year.  A  brief online survey was fielded in June 2020, resulting in 779 respondents from the U.S. It measured key groups: consumers with grade school, high school, or college age students, and included consumers with one or more students in multiple categories.

  • There is uncertainty around students returning to in-school instruction
    • Over 50% of all grade school and high school shoppers were still unclear at the end of June as to how school would be conducted in the Fall.
  • College students are split between in-person and online
    • 34% of back to college shoppers are not experiencing any changes to the start of the school year, and 32% of back to college shoppers have students attending online classes rather than in-person classes.
  • Families are feeling the financial impact of the pandemic
    • 78% of parents have experienced some financial hardship due to COVID-19
  • Shopping will occur at the end of summer, except in the Southeast
    • While August is when the majority of parents conduct their back to school shopping for all students, parents in the Southeast over indexed for starting their shopping in July.
  • Those who are shopping are also thinking ahead to the holidays
    • Over 60% of all back to school shoppers are also browsing for holiday gifts, and over 35% shoppers are buying at the same time.

Rakuten Advertising – Back to School report click here.

Billion dollar company Mailchimp started as a side gig

Mailchimp Founder image by CNBC
Image source: CNBC

It is the hard time we live in, impacted by pandemic and lost jobs. Ben Chestnut has been there minus the pandemic. He co-founded now multibillion-dollar marketing platform Mailchimp after being laid off from his web design job in 2000 as the dotcom bubble burst.

What would Chestnut do if he had to start a side hustle to make extra money today?

“I would spend my time freelancing,” Chestnut tells CNBC Make It, ”[and] helping small brick and mortar stores pivot their businesses online.”

“I could help these businesses tell their stories, stay connected with their customers and sell their stuff online by designing beautiful, shoppable websites, logos and other design assets, and by helping them with their digital marketing,” he says.

“Many beloved brick and mortar businesses are having to create an online presence for the first time, so this is one way I could leverage my design and marketing skills to help these businesses.”

Read the article about Mailchimp here.

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