This time we have compiled useful list covering different aspects of digital marketing and ecommerce. There are some great sources covering Google blog, Facebook guidelines, IMRG news, Ahrefs blog. We have also listed a group of Facebook pages useful for marketers, businesses, and anyone passionate in SEO and marketing. There is an article looking into how long it takes to decide and buy a product.

Facebook Groups Recommendations

Facebook Groups Recommendations  - Creatos Media Blog

There are many business SEO groups on Facebook, but we have made a list of the ones we think are worth your time. The groups below are groups of which some of Creatos Media members are already part of. There are some great insights and knowledge shared in each group. Apart from learning more about SEO, marketing and affiliates you can share your own knowledge and experience with professionals. See our list below:

Facebook Advertising News

Facebook Advertising News - Creatos Media Blog

Facebook have recently announced removing limitation on use of 20% text on the ads image. However Facebook still suggest to follow the guidelines.

  1. If you decide to place text in your ad image, attempt using fewer words. Adjusting font size of your text may be a good starting point. Bear in mind the text needs to be easy to read.
  2. Make most of the text that you use is in the body. Instead of taking space on your ads image.
  3. Prevent dispersing text all over the picture.
  4. Images with less than 20% text perform better.

Read Facebook guidelines here.

Google bot is learning to read HTTP/2

Google bot is learning to read HTTP/2 - Creatos Media Blog

Google has been announcing that from mid November 2020, Googlebot will support crawling over HTTP/2. Google covers few interesting points:

  1. What is actually HTTP/2
  2. What is the reason for the change
  3. How it works
  4. How to opt in or out

There are many questions which google have answered.

Check Google webmaster central blog article here.

Ecommerce brands increasing engagement despite COVID-19

Ecommerce brands increasing engagement despite COVID-19 - Creatos Media Blog
Source: IMRG blog

The article from IMRG shows us 5 ways of e-commerce businesses growing awareness during quarantine. The list consists of: 

  1. Retention and loyalty
  2. Cross channel data importance
  3. Generate revenue with data
  4. Focus on 3 A’s – Agility, Automation, and Alignment
  5. Importance of personalisation’s per channel

Read more from IMRG here.

Seo Myths, would you agree with them?

SEO Myths by Ahrefs - Creatos Media Blog
Source: Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs covered some of the most trending SEO myths. What do you think, do you agree with the below?

  • SEO is dead
  • SEO is a one-time thing
  • Google only ranks ‘fresh’ content
  • Long-tail keywords are easier to rank for
  • Duplicate content will get you penalized
  • Social signals help rankings
  • PPC can’t help you rank higher
  • PageRank doesn’t matter anymore
  • SEO is all about rankings
  • Keyword research isn’t important

We have our own views about the above points, but please share your thoughts.

For Ahrefs full post click here.

Online purchases involve seven steps taking three hours, do you agree?

Online purchases involve seven steps taking three hours - Creatos Media Blog
Source: Digital Marketing Briefing

The survey for the actual article included 2000 people. There are really interesting insights into each step and the importance of trust and reviews involved in a buying process. Would you agree with all the steps? How long does it take for you to decide and buy?

Here are the seven stages of shopping by Digital Marketing Briefing:

  1. Deciding on a need for something – 35 minutes
  2. An online search for the product you want including social media sites – 33 minutes
  3. Reading online reviews and going through recommendations – 29 minutes
  4. Narrowing down between brands by comparing to other similar products for price and quality – 31 minutes
  5. Share links with friends and family – 14 minutes
  6. Getting something into your online or real-life basket – 19 minutes
  7. Actually making the purchase – 24 minutes

Read the full article here.

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