FestiwalSEO Katowice 2020 – Izabela Wisniewska session

Representing #CreatosMedia Izzy will be speaking in Katowice Poland “virtually” of course. FestiwalSEO Katowice is a great polish SEO event, if you are interested you can register and watch it here on Friday. The event will be in Polish.

FestiwalSEO Katowice 2020

FestiwalSEO Katowice was planned for 22nd of May, due to pandemic it had to be moved not only to different date – 16th of October – also it has been changed to virtual event. However, it will allow to join event from any place on earth as long you speak polish. This is a 8th edition of the event and we are proud to be part of it. Apart from this year participation we will be joining next year!

Women in tech SEO – Interviewing Izabela Wisniewska, Creatos Media Co-Founder

WTSInterview with Izabela Wisniewska, Co-Founder of Creatos Media

Women in Tech SEO is a support network aimed for women in the Technical SEO. Izzy has joined Women in tech SEO this year and already have taken part in mentoring programme as a mentor helping other women. If you are a woman and interested in SEO it would a great place to join. The values of the group are:

  • To be kind
  • To be helpful
  • To be respectful
  • To be a safe and judgement-free community

The interview with Izzy covers many topics such as getting to SEO, tools and resources, the ‘Aha’ moments, proudest industry achievement, SEO advice, and what empowers you to be a brilliant woman. To read the interview click on the link here.

Every Youth brand should be on social platforms, but which?

Houseparty App - Youth Marketing - Creatos Media
Source: Parentology – Houseparty App

To engage with young customers, it can be difficult to keep up. You can gain crucial advantage on your competitors if you are covering right channels targeting youth sector. So which platforms do you need as a business to be part of Gen Z?

  • Instagram – it’s a favourite Gen Z place to discover brands, what Voxburner found out is that they think Instagram ads are the best.
  • Twitter – typical teen does not post a lot on twitter but they do check it for news, memes and pop culture for digital natives.
  • TikTok – Youth Trends survey discovered that 16% of 16-24s were using TikTok at least once a month. TikTok is a trend setting channel at the moment for Gen Z.
  • Houseparty – was acquired by Epic Games, creators of Fortnite. The platform is experimenting with partnerships such as branded backgrounds known as Frames.
  • Snapchat – used mostly by 16-24 it seems many brands ignore that channel. Snapchat was chosen by Gen Z’s and ranked as second favourite social media brand, only behind Instagram.

The research by Voxburner and Youth Trends can be found here.

Facebook and Artefact team up for marketing attribution guide

Digital Marketing Briefing - Marketing Attribution - Creatos Media
Source: Digital Marketing Briefing

Facebook and Artefact have investigated process of tracking and ranking. Key factor was importance of marketing actions along the customer journey. Crucial finding in the guide was omnichannel shoppers having a 30% higher lifetime value. The guide is looking into how attribution is a critical enabler of efficient marketing as well as personalised experiences. Last topic was covering key steps and top practices to successfully fulfill Facebook Attribution and speed up your measurement journey.

Read more in the post from Digital Marketing Briefing here.

Google: The Context Around Links Is Secondary But Anchor Text Is Primary

Google - Anchor Text - Creatos Media
Source: Seoroundtable

We know that there are many uses of anchor text of links around the internet, but do not say much about where it is linking to. What Google has said is very interesting “context and content around the link is secondary”. Whether we agree or not, it would be worth pointing out that it was Google pointing it out.

To read and watch full post from Seroundtable here.

How to Rank in ‘PAA’ Boxes and If You Should by Ahrefs

People Also Ask Box - Creatos Media
Source: Ahrefs

According to Ahrefs – 43% of search queries now show a People Also Ask box. There are few important steps which Ahrefs points outs:

  1. What is the ‘People Also Ask’ box?
  2. Four things to know about ‘People Also Ask’ boxes
  3. PAA boxes can appear in different SERP positions
  4. PAA questions are seemingly infinite
  5. PAA answer formats vary
  6. PAA questions always trigger the same answer
  7. Is it worth trying to rank in ‘People Also Ask’ boxes?
  8. How to rank in ‘People Also Ask’ boxes

Read the whole post from Ahrefs here.

Social Media Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Affiliate Marketing - Creatos Media
Source: Awin

Social media can be a great channel for Affiliate Marketing with plenty tools available to help you:

  • Automatically (via convert-a-link) to turn any direct links to advertisers into affiliate links.
  • Using text links built using a link builder, like Awin’s.
  • Using feeds to create comparisons between products or prices.
  • With banners, content widgets or other types of creative.

Since the raise of social media affiliate marketers have been inventive and capitalised on the new platforms. What Awin has pointed out is that 45% of population uses social media, which is a huge number of people. Think of social media and for each recommendation to your friends you get rewarded commission per each sale.

Read more about social media affiliate marketing by Awin here.

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