It’s not really called that – but as a company owned by a Star Wars superfan we really do feel strongly about this name.

Google rolled out it’s Core Algorithm Update earlier on today, it is called ‘May 2020 Core Update’

Looks like Googler’s are super-fans of Star Wars too and they wanted to wish us ‘Happy Star Wars Day’ with a gift 🙂 

To the point.

Why is it important ?

We do care about all Google Updates obviously. Because we want our websites to perform well in search results. However this one seems especially interesting since it’s the first update since COVID-19  Pandemic began.

Google has since confirmed that user’s search behaviour changed, and as Matt Southern from Search Engine Journal said ‘  With the May 2020 Core Update, Google is faced with the unique challenge of catching up with how the world is searching.’  we completely agree with this statement. 

What is Broad Core Algorithm Update ?

Google Algorithms are systems that filter the search results and deliver the best answer for the query – in simple words.

Broad Core Algorithm Update is exactly what it says on a tin. It’s an update of some sort for this system to improve the results we get when we type a search query into Google.

What does it mean exactly? That we can expect ranking movements in both directions depending on how well we have been following Google guidelines and best practices.

What is the difference between Broad Core Algorithm Update and other updates ?

The main difference between Broad Core Algorithm Update and other Algorithm updates we know such as Penguin, Panda BERT etc is that with those ‘Named Updates’ we are told what the update is targeting; in other words what part of the algorithm Google wants to improve. 

With Broad Core Algorithm updates we do not get this information, however sometimes we can assume what it targets by analysing the outcome, like with Core Algorithm Update August 2018 – nicknamed ‘Medic Update’ as industry experts noticed that medical and health related websites were the main target.

What do we do now ?

Regarding this update nothing really, especially now – all we can do is observe. Regarding drops of ranking caused by this update or regarding any future update ?

The best advice is to :

1.Follow Google’s Guidelines

2.Remember to create your content for users not search engines first

3.Try to be best search result for a given query

4.Keep repeating those three not only around updates but all the time

5.By following only point FOUR you won’t have to worry much when Google releases an update.

May the FOURTH be with you Jedi Masters and Padawans.