We have few updates this April about business, SEO, digital marketing and COVID-19. Talking about business section, The New York Times have wrote an article about Amazon not been reliable. Newsletter also shows you heatmap from Awin the coronavirus updates for affilaites. Lastly we have a list of free SEO tools and Chrome extensions for SEO.

Amazon is it still reliable company?


Source: The New York Times

Amazon cannot any longer get us all we need apart from that
the delivery times have greatly increased. How will Amazon and their problem
affect our shopping habits? The main question would be will customers move to smaller
e-commerce brands instead?

Buying from Amazon seems to be a deeply entrenched behaviour
for many. The article author talks about longer delivery times and many
products not been available in US. Looking at Amazon UK we have noticed similar
issue especially to bigger cities like London. The delivery times have extended
and many products are overpriced or not available at all.

The New York Times full article link, click here.

Coronavirus updates from Awin and performance Heat Map.

Awin is one of the largest affiliate networks and they are
prodcuing daily updates on the coronavirus and how it is impacting the
affiliate industry.

UK link to their corona virus updates – click here

US link to their corona virus updates – click here.

Awin have produced a Heatmap to help tracking of performance across sectors in different countries like United Kingdom or United States. Here is an overview of what Awin tells us about the heatmap – “There are two tabs in the report.  The first – Heatmap – is presented in a treemap format to show different sized rectangles for each of the sectors that comprise the four main verticals the Awin Group reports on: retail, finance, telcos and services, and travel. The data reports on the percentage increase or decrease of each of those sectors. This data is then visualized in a series of bar graphs in the second tab – SubSectors. “


Heatmap example by Awin

Here is a note, the report updates on a weekly basis and you can change the date range. The main three metrics are sales, commissions/revenue and country.

Heatmap link – click here.

Free SEO tools and Chrome extensions

Ahrefs have asked their Facebook and Twitter followers to
vote on their favourite SEO free tools. The list has grown to exciting 44 SEO
tool. They have cover different areas:

  1. Keyword research tools
  2. On-page SEO tools
  3. Link building tools
  4. Technical SEO tools
  5. Rank tracking tools
  6. Analytics tools
  7. Local SEO tools
  8. Other tools

To see the
full list from Ahrefs – click here

Secondly the list of free Chrome extensions consists of 26
split into different categories. Some of the areas covered were – On-page SEO,
Keyword Research, Rank checking, Technical SEO, Link building, All-in-one

View the Chrome extension by clicking here.

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