November is a great and very interesting month for many businesses. November covers Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday which tend to begin earlier and bigger than ever before. This news post will cover E-A-T works and Google patents, keyword research for affiliate sites, takeaways ‘golden quarter’, launch of new interactive self-help center at Awin platform, state of Affiliate Marketing in 2020 and few more topics.

How e-a-t works and Google patents

How e-a-t works and Google patents - Creatos Media
Source image – Search Engine Journal

Search engine journal article covers few interesting questions focusing on E-A-T and google patents. What does E-A-T stand for? This is definition of E-A-T- “Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of the creator of the main content, the main content itself, as well as the website.”. Going back to questions asked and answered in the article:

  1. How Does Google Know Who a Site’s Authors Are?
  2. Does Google Only Look at On-Page Factors & Links to Identify Authors and Experts?
  3. Can Google only recognize entities contained in its Knowledge Graph?
  4. How does Google determine if a person or brand is a real expert, or authoritative in their field?
  5. How does a website get classified as YMYL?
  6. Does Google measure E-A-T on the author, page, domain, or brand level?

Read the article by Search Engine Journal here.

How to do keyword research for Affiliate sites

How to do keyword research for Affiliate sites - Creatos Media
Source image – Ahrefs

If you are looking into building an affiliate site prior to Black Friday or any other event, this article can be of great help. SEO of affiliate sites is very god tool that can grow incredibly without much budget.

  1. General comparisons
  2. Branded comparisons
  3. Product reviews
  4. T&A keywords

Comparison site ideas is a good starting point and with not much effort you can get great results. Another option are product reviews, which is pretty much self-explanatory approach.  Lastly its important to cover T&A – Build trust with your audience. People are more likely to trust your product recommendations if you can demonstrate expertise in the topic. Build authority through links. People are generally more likely to link to useful, non-commercial content than pages that exist to line your pockets.

Check out original post from Ahrefs here.

Top five takeaways from the Golden Quarter 2020

Top five takeaways from the Golden Quarter 2020 - Creatos Media
Source image – Awin

During Awin’s webinar, the Global Strategy Director Kevin Edwards and panel of experts share insights of what they have learned from this year so far. Discussed various obstacles and opportunities that Q4 offers, and how it can help inform ecommerce strategies for the coming months. You can watch the webinar here. We have listed the five takeaways from Awin below:

  • Affiliates are providing an increasing volume of converting traffic to retailers during Q4
  • Black Friday’s digital adoption in the UK will influence ecommerce growth this year
  • 2020 could be the first time Black Friday overtakes Cyber Monday for online share of sales in the US
  • Amazon’s relocation of Prime Day won’t stop shoppers spending big over Q4
  • Be nimble, stay informed, and think about how you connect with the mass of new customers coming online for the first time

Read the post from Awin here.

 Awin launches interactive self-help center to better support publishers

Awin launches interactive self-help center to better support publishers - Creatos Media
Source image – Awin

Awin launches interactive self-help center with over 150 informative articles. The Partner Success Center offers access to a multitude of knowledge resources at the push of button, empowering  publishers to make the most of affiliate marketing network.

Check Awin help help center here.

The state of Affiliate Marketing in 2020

The state of Affiliate Marketing in 2020 - Creatos Media
Source image – Toolbox

Affiliate Marketing in 2020 can be very rewarding and risky at the same time. We had to adapt quickly in both professional and personal life. However it was very rewarding year for many retailers and ecommerce businesses even with restrictions circulating around. It’s important to keep up with constantly changing scenery of affiliate marketing.

Rakuten covers few interesting affiliate marketing questions:

  1. What Is Happening in the Affiliate Space Right Now?
  2. How Can Advertisers and Publishers Leverage Their Relationships?
  3. What Does the Way Forward Look Like?

Read more from Rakuten guest post at Toolbox here.

Top 15 acquisition channels that work consistently for getting new users

Top 15 acquisition channels - Creatos Media
Source image – Entrepreneurs handbook

Entrepreneurs handbook article covers what channels worked for 470 interviewed founders. How did those founders go from zero to users? The channels are sorted by the number of “successful mentions” (meaning, the founder mentioned in the interview that a particular acquisition channel is working for them).

Here are just some examples for the article:

  • SEO (after being successful with another acquisition channel).
  • Platform-specific marketplaces.
  • Reddit posting.
  • HackerNews.
  • Using your own network/connections.
  • Niche Communities/Forums.
  • Facebook Groups.

Entrepreneurs handbook article.

Influencer Marketing Show 2020 – Global

Influencer Marketing Show 2020 - Global - Creatos Media
Source image – Influencer Marketing Show

Influencer Marketing Show in 2020 is an amazing opportunity to get insights and knowledge nuggets. The tickets are free for limited time so keep an eye while the stock lasts. IMS is a great opportunity to get in touch with attendees whether you are an agency, influencer or a brand. As IMS organiser describe – “With the IMS Global event platform you can easily arrange one-to-one video chats with any attendee based anywhere in the world!”.

IMS Live Access Pass gives you access to sessions as they happen with a 12 hour grace period. However, there are other options like VIP ticket that allows you to watch the show for the next 12 months.

Check the IMS event sign up page here.