I got you interested in this title didn’t I?

But this is something all marketers should action.

There is an old maxim in Poland that Shoemaker always walks around without his shoes, it means that whatever your job is or whatever you are good at you usually do not do it for yourself, and this is true. It usually happens because you feel you do not have time to do these things for your business because of important client work, or meetings or whatever else.

However, you have this great asset, you have this skill and you do not have to pay anyone for it, you can just do it yourself. Pretty much every business needs marketing because this is the way you find your potential customers – and you can do it for yourself.

Read on to see why the title says treat yourself as your own client.

Find time for your business

You would never say I have no time to do this client work or to deliver this task, would you?

Why would you say this when it comes to your own business?

I get it, I was the same, preferring to scroll LinkedIn constantly looking for new paid opportunities instead of, for example, writing a blog post for my business, like this one.

True, it is different – but this is not an unpaid opportunity – this opportunity will probably pay off a lot more than one client would. Because it builds my company’s credibility, it shows potential clients that whatever we say we can do, we are also doing it for ourselves – we are becoming our own case study to show off – do not waste this opportunity.


Of course, client work is important, and client prospecting is also important – this is why you need to allocate time and prioritise. Tell yourself you will spend 2 hours a day or at least 1 hour a day on ‘client work’ for your business – and stick to it.

Plan the work

Now imagine your business is actually your client, your highest paying client! What do you do? What is the process? Plan it. Plan Audits, Competitive Analysis, blog writing. Plan everything you would do for a client, make a to -do list or a trello /asana/whatever you are using board, to prioritise tasks. Now is the time for all necessary planning to make sure everything will go smoothly.

Do the work

Execute your plans. Do not say you don’t have time for it because that would mean you are saying you do not have time for your highest paying client.

Working on your business will actually show your potential clients that you are good at what you do, it will help you with client prospecting, it will help you to get in front of new potential customers.

If your strategy says you need to write one blog post a week – do it. Stick to your strategy and do not quit after one week explaining to yourself that there is no time for it. I dare you to find 1-2 hours a day, and stick to it. It will pay off.  At the end of the day – you work for your clients, so they can find new potential customers, why wouldn’t it work the same way for you?