Yesterday I was so lucky to attend and enjoy #WTSFest 2022. It was my first Women in Tech SEO Festival and I already can’t wait for the next one.

First of all I would like to thank the amazing Areej AbuAli for organising such an amazing, welcoming and safe event, and of course I would like to thank our amazing speakers, the energy on the stage ( and in the audience!) The knowledge you have shared and the passion you have shared it with was truly incredible, and it goes to each and every single one of you.

So what did we do that was so amazing you may ask? 

Women in Tech SEO Agenda and Creatos Media Notebook

WTSFest 2022 Summary 

We kicked off with an amazing Lidia Infante and Content Gap Analysis. I have to be completely honest I was slightly late to this one thanks to my amazing direction skills and what I believe will be lifelong inability to use GPS correctly. However, what I have managed to catch and what I have seen on the slides was amazing, so I can’t wait for the video version to watch in full. Lidia explained why Content Gap Analysis is important and how to do it step by step. I love such hands-on presentations, where you can go out of the conference, go back home or office whatever you prefer and just do it.

Next we had an absolutely brilliant talk on content mapping and customer journey  which I feel is such an undervalued topic in the industry.  The Content & Buyer Show: Let’s Map by Rejoice Oijaku who explained how important it is to serve the right content at each stage of the customer journey and what type of content to use.

Rejojce Oijaku presenting on Women in Tech SEO Festival 2022

Last but definitely not least in our analyse panel we had my personal favourite talk ( I did love them all do not get me wrong!) amazing Crystal Carter with talk on Entity HQ: Harnessing High Impact Profile Pages.

Crystal walked us through how undervalued profile pages tend to be yet how valuable they can be if treated right.

She showed very practical steps on how to optimise profile pages that honestly made me want to go home right this second and apply all those recommendations to the website (which I will do very soon!).

Crystal Carter presenting on Women in Tech Festival 2022

After the ‘ANALYSE’ part of the conference we went for the coffee break in the beautiful gardens of Barbican Center which gave me a chance to catch up with some lovely SEO lady friends whom I haven’t seen in a while as well as connecting with new friends I met at the conference.

We started the Advance part with brilliant Roxana Stingu and her talk on Internet for SEO’s.

This talk was packed with so much knowledge that can be used in our day-to-day work life, especially when communicating with dev teams. Roxana talked about ways the internet works, different languages we and other web teams may use and how best to communicate with each others.

Roxana Stingu presenting at Women in Tech SEO Festival 2022

Next we had Aleyda Solis with a super useful talk on SEO Reporting, she took us through most common mistakes that are made when creating SEO reports, how to avoid those and how to create reports that everyone will love! I like to think I was quite proud of myself on this one, as I realised I am actually following the majority of Aleyda’s tips (there definitely were some points I will add to make my reports better!) and if Aleyda says this is the best way to report, it has to be true! Unfortunately, Aleyda could not be with us in person, but we have been able to see her talk on the big screen!

After the ‘Advance’ part we hit lunch, which was also served in the Barbican Centre so again we got to hang round the beautiful gardens, while eating pretty great food! I loved how amazing the selection was and it was all super tasty (yes I know it all was as I have tried everything!)

Women in Tech SEO Conference 2022, break time

Fully fed and happy, we hit the Innovate Session. Starting with awesome Paige Hobart and her talk on A Data-First Approach to Building a Website. Paige walked us through differences between Navigation and Information Architecture. Presenting a process of 8 steps and how to ‘plan’ the website before it’s built. 

Paige Hobart presenting at Women in Tech SEO Festival 2022

Next we had an amazing  Lazarina Stoy leading us to the world of Machine Learning, its use in the SEO industry. Showing us how we can take first steps in Machine Learning with investing just 10 minutes a day. I am sure there was a massive spike in searches for  ‘machine learning 10 mins tutorials’  yesterday!

We finished the Advance Session with an incredible Miracle Inameti-Archibong and her talk Speed Up Alt Text Generation Without Coding Skills. Miracle walked us through the process of alt tags generation using Python which she managed to make sound really doable even for those of us who are not super technical I am sure! 

Again we have been served coffee and cake on the break, and hit the final part of the conference ‘Empower’

First we had incredible Lou Chiu with a talk on Managing Mixed Messaging: The Internal Struggle – she showed us how complex our personalities are and how okay it is. She also shared very practical techniques on how to work and get to love each and every part of ourselves, as this is who we are.

We finished with an amazing Shannon McGuirk who talked to us about Turning our kryptonites into superpowers. Shannon walked us through the different approaches we can have to our kryptonites, she shared her own personal journey and some very practical exercises that will help us work on that. 

Buzzing with all the knowledge and wonderful advice we have received from all 10 speakers we headed for the first after party in Barbican Centre where we got to network over drinks. I had an amazing time and I was really glad I had booked myself an open ticket back !

Again, MASSIVE  MASSIVE thanks to everyone that made #WTSFest happened, all the crew, the sponsors, the speakers and one and only Areej! See you all next year, I can’t wait already!